Symphony Volunteers Council Spring Event


 The SVC members and guests were enthralled with the many pieces of art displayed at the Jemison-Day Art Gallery at this month's social.  Along with the art, they also enjoyed the many hors d'oeuvres  and wine served for the occasion .  Attending the event were Cheree and Eric Carlton, Michael and Lynne Meeks, Darlene Gray, Mary Alice Mosley, Jack Standridge, Pat Daugh,ety, Bob and Debbie Kristofg, Phil and Nan Teninbaum, Mike and Naomi Coffey, Shine and Virginia Guthrie, Betty Healy,  Bob and Martha Black, Janet Lauer, Cheryl Floyd, Beverly Lisenby, Herb and Diane Rossmeisl, Debbie Reid, Robert Raiford and Zane Rhoades, Pam Wood, Bob and Shirley Brown, Jim and Lin Musgrove, Tom and Liz Warren,  Jim and Roberta Atkinson, Perry Umphrey and Jim Altherr,  Beverly and Phil Stine, Betsy Cooper, Mimi Jackson, Bob and Skip Wadhams, Martha Pezrow, Janie Blankeship, Jo Broadwater,  Molly Bee Bloetscher, Bob and Carolyn Orchid, Rick and Char Bonsack, Janice Williams, Sandra Wilson, Bettie Davenport, Chandler and Jane Smith, Susan and John Atwood, Frances and Jon Clemmenson  and Jean Bargerhuff.