2019-2020 SEASON KICK-OFF Party


The Symphony Volunteer Council kicked off the 2019-20 season with a membership and new member party at the lovely home of Jim and Lin Musgrove.

As usual, the wonderful cooks of the SVC brought a variety of hor d'oeuvres. Bob Black and Bob Brown graciously tended the bar.


Members and guests attending were Bob and Martha Black, Janice Blankenship, Pat Davis, Mary Jean Myers, Bob and Shirley Brown, Linda Griggs, 

Lin and Jim Musgrove, Roberta and Jim Atkinson, Liz and Tom Warren, Paula Verdu, Zane Rhoades, Robert Raiford, Grady and Jane Moore,

Pam Wood, Nadine L'Eplattemier, Janet Lauer, Bob Denning, Wayne Hay, Janice Williams, Steve Hodges, Louise Mango, Frances and Jon Clemmemsen,

Sally Holonback, Betsy Cooper, Char and Rick Bonsack, Sandra Wilson, Wally and Gloria Womack, Mary Lynda Crockett, Barbarann Beckett-Gaines,

Bettie Davenport, Jo Broadwater, Donna Parker, Roger and Linda James, Perry Umphrey, Margarita Clements, Robert Nary, Rick Simon, Mimi Jackson,

Molly Bee Bloetscher, Bob and Carolyn Orchid, Charles and Jane Paris Smith, Debbie Reed, Susan Atwood, Beverly Stine, Nicole Williams,

Michael and Lynne Meeks, Kelli Beard, Julia Narz 


  Mary Jean Myers, Pat Davis, Janice Blankenship, Pam Wood

  Betsy Cooper, Perry Umphrey, Bettie Davenport, Jane and Grady Moore

  Shirly Brown, Lin Musgrove, Louise Mango, Pat Daughtry, Lynne Meeks

  Robert Raiford, Beverly Stine, Zane Rhoades, Nicole Williams, Susan Atwood

  Kelli Beard, Julia Narz and Mararita Clements

  Paula Verdu, Frances and Jon Clemmensen